Andy Stanley at North Point: Day 8 [Atlanta]

Cherry Fanta, Chocoalte covered cookie dough  and Chick-fill-a are all excellent reasons to enjoy the United States, and enjoy I did. Today was the final full day of my adventure which began with a visit to North Point Community Church. North Point was established in…

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How to Master Your Thought Life

Jesus said ‘you shall know the truth and the truth will set you free’ yet so often we don’t take these words seriously when it comes to our everyday thinking patterns. Have a listen in to see how the picture above, offers a road map…

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What really is love and how does it work? (audio)

Brad Chilcott spoke at 12two tonight on what it means to really love. He pulled no punches in talking straight about how we can excuse ourselves out of love, by using it as the excuse to do so. Intrigued? I hope so, download it here,…

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Double Overtime and all things Culture: Day 4 [Partnering To Prevail]

The Chicago Bulls were at home to The Dallas Mavericks, a show down that was not to disappoint, but more on that later… Colby Burke launched us into the day introducing us to the topic Staffing To Create Culture with the statement “The single greatest…

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Mission stories from a Young Adult serving in Costa Rica

The past 10 days has shown me more than I can express through words. We played and looked after kids with no fathers for 2 days while their mothers were being taught about how to protect their children from being taken and sold into prostitution or another form…

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