20 things I wish I knew as a young leader

I was asked recently to speak to our youth leaders on the subject of what I know now that I wish I knew when I was starting to lead. Here are my thoughts. Feel free to comment back on the blog below if you’d like…

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Are you holding your faith, or held by it?

A friend and I, have committed ourselves to reading through Karl Barth’s Dogmatics in Outline. When Andrew first asked me the prospect daunted me, but once into it I am finding it extremely life giving and challenging. In one of his opening chapters Barth puts…

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EASTER | Why you should get baptised.

There are many different angles and metaphors to describe and explore what baptism is, but when Peter launched himself from the boat (in John 21:1-14) to reach Jesus on the shore as fast as he could. He’d just denied him at the cross, which through…

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10 social media insights for businesses

The subject of social media fascinates me, but I am by no means an expert. I am however somewhat of an observer and commentator, who understands how people think and operate. A situation occurred a few weeks ago that prompted me to formalise some thoughts…

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The Gospel (with Jermaine Elcham)

WOW what a night at 12two! Jermaine Elcham joined me in explaining and exploring the Gospel and imagining a future that is determined by the richness of this revelation that God gave to us. To write anymore here would detract from the night, instead, enjoy…

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